Accelerating the worlds transition to LENR(Low Energy Nuclear Reactions)

New Energy

A profound new energy technology has begun to emerge. It is called the Urangara Reactor, based on the process of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions “aka Cold Fusion” – long regarded as the “holy grail” of sustainable energy production.

The Urangara Reactor works by taking a small amount of nickel, applying a catalyst, while in a pressurised hydrogen atmosphere. Truly novel reactions start to take place (beyond the usual chemical) and the result is a huge release of energy.

The Urangara reactors uses nano dust suspended in a plasma matrix, excited by high voltage. We are experts in the principle of ‘SWR’, or standing wave ratios, with resonant cavities, being used in tuning the plasma to the cavity like an antenna. Unique IP of hydrogen ratio’s and cascades are implemented.



  • Low cost, simple and sustainable way to produce large amounts of heat, steam and electricity.
  • Eliminates hydrocarbons – no emissions or waste.
  • Extremely high energy density: 2000X diesel fuel.
  • Modular, scalable and easily mass produced.
  • Unlimited applications – industrial, power stations, third world communities, transportation,
  • Considered the “Holy Grail” of the energy world!

The Industry

  • Renewable – Carbon neutral – Sustainable
  • Producer of heat, hot water and steam at 700 degrees C.
  • Producer of scalable renewable electricity.
  • Air-cooling and conditioning using established technology.
  • Future license agreements for many industries
  • Including cars, trucks, cargo shipping, aeronautical and asteroid mining, desalination, agriculture, horticulture and waste management industries.

Problem Solved

  • To provide solutions to two key energy problems:
  • The need for renewable economical electricity, heat and stream without CO2 and toxic emissions
  • Sequestering past CO2 emissions via innovative agricultural technologies


Energy is the lifeblood of our modern and prosperous lifestyle. Since the industrial revolution began in 1850, humanity has harnessed energy to power our cities, our factories, and our dreams. We have used energy to overcome poverty, eradicate diseases, and connect people across the planet.

But humanity faces a real threat. That’s because 80% of the world’s energy come from dirty, fossil fuels. They release toxic pollution into our environment and greenhouse gases that drive global warming. The world pumps 28 Billion tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere each year. This is enough to cover the area the size of Australia in a blanket two meters thick. As a result, the world’s oceans are now heating at a rate of 300 trillion watts, the equivalent of detonating 5 Hiroshima A-bombs every second of every day of every year.

It is important to note that the CO2 does not make the heat, it merely holds in in preventing it’s escape into space. Our team member, Eliza Donovan,  did calorimetry on the entire planet, showing it was how we generated our power for electricity, vehicles etcetera that caused the massive temp rise in petawatts of wasted, unconverted heat energy. This needs to end, and it can by increasing our conversion efficiency from an embarrassing 15-30% to 90% and above. Every watt wasted as heat adds to this problem globally.

To reverse this trend, we need cleaner, more efficient sources of energy. Renewable sources like solar PV and wind are growing at staggering paces, but these alone may not be enough. 

Is there a breakthrough technology that can get us there and provide us the security we seek?

Human ingenuity brought us to the 21st century, and with determination it can take us to a sustainable future and provide for everyone’s needs. A rapid transition to renewable energy sources will also be driven by sheer economics. The industrial and technological booms of emerging nations are bringing online billions of high-demand energy consumers, now just as voracious as their American and European counterparts. Already, China’s energy consumption is expected to double by 2030, and India is right on its tail. In our ‘linear and scarcity-minded’ world of fossil fuels, these skyrocketing trends present a problem: more demand equals more environmental devastation, higher prices, and increased geopolitical tensions as the ‘haves’ supply the ‘have-nots.’

We believe that solving this problem can only be done by visionary people and advanced technology. We aim to complete the journey from our existing benchmarks to market as quickly as possible.

We call our reactor the URANGARA, meaning ‘The Sun’ from one of the Aboriginal tribes of Australia.

We welcome you to join us on this exciting journey.
Join us in changing the course of history.



Ground breaking Technology.  Our team is Pioneering a Clean Energy Future.

We are on the cusp of deploying a new energy source that is clean, reliable, affordable, and quickly deployable. Through innovations in material science, engineering and manufacturing, the URANGARA GENERATOR company is bringing together partners to develop and deploy low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology, a revolutionary energy source, to the global community.

We call our reactor the URANGARA, meaning ‘The Sun’ from one of the Aboriginal tribes of Australia.
The URANGARA reactors will use nano dust suspended in a plasma matrix, excited by high voltage. The principle of SWR, or standing wave ratios and resonant cavities will be tuning the plasma to the cavity like an antenna. Novel IP technology from the Urangara company will be applied.

Nano-sized particles of nickel, pressurized hydrogen and a catalyst are heated in a small reactor to the point at which weak interactions between the reactants cause transmutation (i.e. some of the nickel is converted to copper). Considerable excess heat is emitted during this process. Once the reaction becomes self-sustaining, the input power can be reduced significantly and excess heat (up to 700 degrees C) is generated.

The various isotopes of nickel (Ni) undergo a cascade involving the nuclear fusion of individual nickel atoms with multiple hydrogen atoms to form several stable isotopes of copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn), as well as two unstable, radioactive isotopes of copper – one of which is responsible for excess heat production. The measurable heat build-up within the Energy Catalyzer reactor is caused by the resonant conversion of nickel isotopes Ni62 and Ni64 into stable copper isomer Cu63 and Cu65. Isotopes Ni62 and Ni64 comprise ~4.5% of the natural abundance of nickel, thus limiting the excess heat production during the reaction to manageable levels which diminish naturally (without any further introduction of nickel powder).

The Urangara reactor, is guaranteed to work at a COP of 100:1. This can be used for steam, hot water, heating and generating electricity. Future uses include desalination and agricultural purposes. In the near future it will be used for transportation vehicles, aircraft and ships.

The system is inexpensive, emits no greenhouse gases and there is no radioactivity. The amount of less than 1 gram of nickel with this reaction is equivalent to one barrel of oil, or one barrel of nickel creates the same energy as a super tanker of oil!

Further R&D

The Urangara reactor will have a temperature of approx. 500-700 C

1. Urangara will use the conventional method of using a steam turbine to generate electricity

2. Urangara has a stream of charged particles, and by integrating a magnetic field, to move past coils of conductors (wires, plasmas, super-conductors, etc) an electrical current will be generated.

3. We have a hugely bright URANGARA (THE SUN) reaction, and by surrounding with tailor made solar panels, we can generate 24 hours of consistent electricity.

Core Urangara Team

Fulvio Fabiani (Italy)

LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) System Consultant

The lead engineer on major LENR projects. No other person has the hands-on knowledge and experience of Fulvio Fabiani when it comes to working with LENR. He was for many years he has been the interpreter and engineer of many LENR ideas and concepts.

“We have tried lots of things, and we have made some twenty and more different reactors. And I can assure you that with some of them we have truly seen a new world. Energy density, reaction capacity, in the sense of things never seen. The new frontier of energy. The field that this reaction opens up is so vast that it’s almost impossible to imagine all the capabilities and possibilities.”

Fabiani about the 1 MW trial plant

“My ‘baby’ as I call it, because I and my colleagues put it all together, I see my baby walking every day, and now I can even feel her breath, as I call it. You feel it when she produces steam and bubbles. We have learned to identify some moments of the reaction as a function of the type of boiling inside. Just try to imagine. Now we really know what she’s doing by the ear. And every day I collect about 1.5 million records. And it is impressive.

The Urangara is a completely different projects. The diversity of this technology makes it completely applicable to new projects and research and development. I am extremely excited to be working with Elizabeth and Roger on developing the worlds first working LENR reactor and bringing the Urangara project to the marketplace as fast as possible. The world needs us!”

– LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) System Consultant Fulvio Fabiani

Elizabeth V. Donavan (USA/Spain)

Inventor, Author, Technician, Trouble-shooter and Consulting Engineer

Elizabeth has worked with various inventors and entrepreneurs in troubleshooting various designs in alternative energy. Elizabeth is a sort after consultant because of her unique ability to deeply research and understand complex “thinking outside of the box’ technologies. She is also a prototype machinist, knowledgeable in 3D printing techniques as well as various CAD systems and prototype assembly. She brings to the table over 30 year-experience in prototyping and product development. Her theories along with Fulvio’s experience is the A team in LENR development.

Dan Winter (USA/France)

Inventor, Author, Scientist, and Consulting Engineer

Dan is one of the leading scientists in the field of “Implosion Engineering” and a pioneering researcher in the field of Fractality Physics, including plasma technologies and biofeedback inventions. Dan has created breakthroughs in science with his Fractal Field applications and is known for his work on bio-magnetic coherent fields. He was the first to propose that the golden ratio is the electric cause of gravity and presented this theory at the Budapest International Unified Field Conference. The Golden ratio, which appears in the geometry of a variety of creations in Nature, is found to arise right in the Bohr radius of the hydrogen atom due to the opposite charges of the electron and proton.

He has undertaken many diverse studies, from quantum physics to modeling at the MIT space lab to developing the early biofeedback prototype equipment as Dr. Albert Axe’s protégé. Graduating with honors from the University of Detroit, Dan pursued graduate studies in psychophysiology and the origin of languages. In addition to his academic background, he has worked as a Systems Analyst with IBM, an industrial metallurgist and crystallographer.

Among his many projects, Dan is developing a new breakthrough theory on gravity. He believes recursive nesting in field geometries is what creates the implosion “magnetic monopole” wind centering force we call gravity.

Dan is applying unique theories to the development of the Urangara cold fusion reactor.

Roger Green (Australia/NZ/USA)

Roger Green originally from New Zealand, is an international businessman based in Sydney and New York. He has been active for over 25 years in alternative energy systems, eco-design initiatives, and organic horticultural projects.

Roger has supported many innovative R & D technologies and is the project manager of the emerging cold fusion technology referred to as the URANGARA reactor.

Investment Opportunity

Urangara Corporation offers commercial potential in sustainable non-fossil energy and electrical production. New technology developed by our team has considerable commercial value in many industries. Currently we are at STAGE 1 research and development and building our prototype.

Urangara is seeking partners/investors/founder to fund Stage 1 development of the Urangara reactor.  Common shares are available for purchase, with first option to buy further shares in Stage 2 development.

Step 1 – If you are potentially interested, please email and submit an ‘expression of interest’ via attention Roger Green

Step 2 – You will receive a one page ex. summary and a NDA/MOU

Step 3 – Investment is based on company shares available to purchase

Step 4 – Founding share holders have first option on purchasing further shares based on proof of concept successful independent testing of the Urangara prototype reactor.

This investment proposal contains forward looking statements such as technology development and commercial opportunities.  These types of statements involve risk and uncertainty that could cause outcomes to be different from those stated. Due diligence is welcomed to evaluate our potential.

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